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Midland man gets life-prolonging kidney transplant amidst COVID-19

"It's a new life," Shayne Terry, kidney transplant recipient said.

MIDLAND, Texas — Shayne Terry is the luckiest man in this world.

He left the hospital St. Patrick's Day with a brand new kidney.

He has spent the last month recovering, getting stronger every day with the help of his support system. 

"They put their lives on hold for a month, my family did and all because they wanted me to have the best chance I could of getting better," Shayne Terry, kidney transplant recipient said. 

Part of his support system is his father, Charles Terry and his four-legged business partner, who are known for asking for your roofing business. 

You'll remember he took to social media asking for something money can't buy: a life-saving kidney transplant for Shayne. 

"The poisons build up in your system you have headaches, you don't feel well, you have swelling in your legs and now I don't have any of that. So yeah, it's made an incredible difference on my life," Terry said. 

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The family is calling it an answered prayer.

He traveled to San Antonio last month for the surgery.

His father said it feels like a weight has been lifted off their family's shoulders. 

"I used to lay in bed at night and cry about him having to go through the pain that I knew he was all scheduled to do the next day and it was just constantly on my mind and now all of that's behind us and we are so grateful to the people that donated the kidney and we're so grateful to the people over there in San Antonio with the team that did the surgery," Terry Sr. said. 

Shayne and his family are adjusting to their new normal, not taking one second for granted. 

"My family has gone above and beyond what anybody would expect and so you have to be grateful, you have to be thankful," Terry said. 


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