MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Because of Sam Houston's 'improvement required' status, district officials have come up with a plan that can help this campus and these kids. A plan they want parents input on, and a plan if successful, could be the model for other campuses.

"This turnaround plan is different from anyone we've ever had," said Elise Kail, Executive Director of Accountability and Data Systems, Midland I.S.D.

A campus wide change.

"Most of the turnaround plans we've had just basically addressing instruction and not the school as a whole. This one is a little bit out of our zone on how we've done things in the past," said Kail.

After two straight years of 'improvement required,' district officials look to change Sam Houston Elementary into a "college prep elementary" using a method called AVID.

"Avid is for advancement via individual determination," said Kail.

You can think of AVID strategies as a pyramid, at the bottom is organization and learning skills the kids will learn. As they grow, AVID will prepare them for middle and high school, where students might want to take advantage of AP courses. All with the hope of college at the end of their time in the district.

"We've had it in the district before in our 'Listen and Learn' students were like, 'please bring AVID back,'" said Kail.

With the plan comes a whole new staff and administration at Sam Houston. If district leaders see improvement, the idea to use AVID throughout Midland I.S.D. is an option that could be on the table.

"If this works, we may want to do something for the same thing on the Lee High feeder side of town because Houston feeds Midland High," said Kail.

Inside the walls of Sam Houston Elementary a change is coming, but they want to hear from parents and the community as well. It's another way of how the district is looking to improve the education of their kids.

Kail and others will bring the plan to the school board on Tuesday to be approved. If it is, they'll look to put the plan to work the very next day.

Teachers and administrators will have the chance to re-apply for their jobs. If they aren't chosen, the district will find other spots for them within MISD.

If you want to see more of MISD's turnaround plan for Sam Houston click here: https://sites.google.com/midlandisd.net/midlandonthemove/transformation-campuses