MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The fall results from the Midland Independent School District "Listen and Learn" Tour are in, which was a community effort by more than 500 people and 55 online submissions.

Participants gave their feedback to changes they want to make to Midland I.S.D.

The changes were put into 3 categories Keep, Stop and Start.

Keep: Is what do they like about the school and do they not want to change, Stop: What's not working on school campuses. and Start: What are things that need to start happening at school in Midland.

Jill Rivera, Executive Director for Personal Development, says the feedback was positive.

When it comes to keep, the participants said they want to keep 2-way communication between parents, teachers and school officials.

And, a surprising stop request.

"Stop homework that doesn't necessary match the instructions or does not have the purpose of learning the material," said Rivera.

When it moved on to Start, "Huge push for grade reconfiguration," said Rivera.

The request was that Elementary would be Kindergarten to 5th grade. Middle School would be 6th through 8th. High School would change 9th through 12th grade.

Another popular choice was to add more magnet schools.