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Midland ISD continuing to deal with substitute teacher shortage

"It’s widespread it’s something that we’re just all grappling with because of the workers in the workforce shortage right now."

MIDLAND, Texas — Since schools resumed in person, some teachers have been in and out of the classrooms, either from being in quarantine or just taking a day off. 

With those teachers out, there haven't been many substitutes who've been able to fill in for them. This is an ongoing battle Midland ISD has been dealing with for some time. 

"So we’ve been battling for about 18 months or about 12 months at least with the sub shortage," says Woodrow Bailey, MISD's Chief of Human Capital Management. 

"It’s widespread it’s some thing that we’re just all grappling with because of the workers in the workforce shortage right now that are available and willing to to work in the middle of a pandemic," says Bailey.

The start of the pandemic, Bailey tells me the district tried to fix the problem by partnering with a company, ESS, that hires their substitutes and offer them some incentives that the district could not. 

"They do a great job, they offer incentives, they do things the district cannot do. As far as, pay weekly, they have a huge call-center, that they identify days we are short. So we work hand-in-hand and they are great partner and a great support to the district and we appreciate all they continue to do as well," he says. 

Until more substitutes can get in those classrooms, teachers who are able to work have stepped up to the plate to fill in those gaps when needed. 

"Can’t say enough about our amazing teachers that continue each and every day they do whatever it takes that means splitting classes if that means helping out another teacher or taking on a different role maybe they are a specialist on a campus but they're subbing in the classroom," says Bailey. 

If you're interested in applying to become a substitute teacher, you can click this link to apply.