MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Monday night was the first time it was talked about.

"We're excited to initiate the process to become a district of innovation," said Patrick Jones, Chief Academic Officer, Midland ISD

The school board gave officials the go ahead to work towards becoming a district of innovation.

"It gives districts a lot of flexibility on how they go about their scope of work," said Jones.

Being a district of innovation, allows a local school district the leeway to create plans they feel is best for their community. If Midland ISD wants to change the start date they can, if they want to adjust class sizes it's an option that's on the table.

"We will look at certifications. We will look at everything," said Jones.

To become a district of innovation, a district like Midland ISD needs to have an acceptable academic performance rating.

"We've been going through a superintendent transition. We finally have a superintendent on board that's ready to go after this work," said Jones.

Whether it's working to be a system of great schools or a district of innovation, Midland ISD wants to be the best for their students.

"Bottom line, we want more kids in better schools," said Jones.

If you want to learn more about Midland ISD's DOI process, view below: