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Midland house fire destroys two homes

A Midland fire destroyed two homes Saturday night.

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A Midland fire destroyed two homes Saturday night.

Luis Garcia's home is ruined with holes, black walls and broken windows after his home engulfed in flames.

"I don't feel good about it," said Garcia. "I hope nobody has to pass through this. It was so big. The flame was so high up in the air. I had no idea how it got so high up so quick."

The Midland Fire Department came with ten units to Canyon Road to put out the large fire.

"I heard two aerosol cans blow up and I came out the side door, and I saw that car was on fire," said Garcia.

Firefighters said the fire began from the neighbor's car which was parked in the car port and spread to both homes.  The fire inspector is still investigating to find out the exact cause.

Chris Wachsmann lives in the neighborhood, he said the neighbor's car was overheating that day.

"He told me he took his ex-wife's car down to get it washed for her," said Wachsmann. "He noticed it was overheating but he said it might've been one of the fuses he replaced. He brought it back, parked it and noticed it was overheating again still."

Garcia said what isn't smoke damage in his home is water damage.

"You're left out of all your possessions," said he said. "I mean, same T-shirt I had on yesterday. Can't do nothing of whats left inside. It's unbelievable. Everything you got is gone up in flames now."

Wachsmann said even though he didn't know the neighbor very well, it hurt to see an incident like this happen to someone.

"When we came down here, I talked to the homeowner and I asked him if he had insurance on his house and he said 'no,'" said Wachsmann. "That made me a little upset. It was devastating. It was sad to see that."

The Garcias are staying at a hotel in the meantime. They still have to wait for insurance adjusters to look at the home on Tuesday.

"As long as we're okay, all material stuff can be replaced," said Garcia. "As long as she's okay and I'm okay, we're good."

There were no reports of any injuries but the homeowners still have a lot to contend with.

If you'd like to help out the neighbor and the Garcias, you can donate to their GoFundMe pages.