MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It's a picture that's been shared across the Internet. Batman sporting a "dad bod" on the beach. It appears he may have hung up his cape and is taking some time off from fighting crime. A Midland girl is behind that masterpiece, which was first posted on Reddit.

Most of 11-year-old Presley Leggett's free-time goes to drawing.

"It's really fun to try different art styles," said Presley.

She's been an artist since the age of the three, but just recently graduated to using an I-Pad to make her illustrations come to life.

"I prefer paper, but I've gotten used to the I-Pad, so I draw on both," she said.

She'll draw just about anything, but her rendition of Batman or "Fatman" has people talking.

"I was at my grandmas house for a weekend and one of her friends came over who is an artist and she had some clay. We were going to make Batman with a really muscled up body that was too big for his head, but she couldn't get the body right," said Presley.

That sculpture didn't go as planned, but it gave Presley an idea for a drawing, a new Dark Knight persona, who she calls "B-Money."

"He used to be a crime fighter, but after new technology came in and stuff, he didn't really need to fight, so he decided to retire," said Presley.

Donning the cowl, but trading in his suit for a pair of swim trunks, this Caped Crusader looks like he may be taking some time off from from the Batmobile.

"He started drinking beer," said Presley. "He still tries to think he's not fat by wearing suspenders to kind of hold it all in."

The middle-aged Dark Knight can't seem to let the glory days go.

Presley's mom shared the hilarious depiction on Reddit Monday night and the internet went crazy. In 12 hours, the post was viewed more than a million times and up-voted more than 100,000.

"I can't explain it, but the hand in the pocket just does it for me," posted one user.

"Batman: The Dark Knight Retires!" another user said.

Presley is drawing new sketches of "B-Money" to share with her fans online. A Reddit user even bought Presley an I-Pad Pro so she can continue to create her illustrations.

"You also have to make a bunch of hair on his belly," said Presley, while finishing up her new drawing.

The burning question is will "Fatman" ever go back to fighting crime as the Dark Knight?

Presley says he shouldn't get his hopes up.

"In his mind, he will," Presley said with a laugh.

Presley's drawing has been posted all over trending websites. She plans to keep drawing her character "B-Money." One day she hopes to illustrate for Disney.

Check out the Reddit thread: http://bit.ly/2xziQXu.