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Midland Family has placed giant skeletons on their lawn to help sell their home

After having some trouble selling their home, the Moreno family put up two, 12-foot skeletons that're holding advertisement signs to try and find potential buyers.

MIDLAND, Texas — The Moreno family is a vibrant family for four that's currently in the process of saying goodbye to their first home.

"We've just grown to a bigger family and we want a bigger area. We're staying here in Midland, we just want a forever home now," says mom, Victoria Moreno, "I felt like it was going to go a lot quicker and it was gonna be a little bit more fast-paced since we're in such a good location, I thought we were going to be able to sell little bit faster."  

The family tells me this home located at 1608 North C Street, has been up for sale for some time.

"I think it’s been 42 days on the market as of today," she says.

In this area, that's around the average time a home is up, according to real estate agent, Laura Sales.

"In Midland County, properties are on the market about 45 days and so 45 days from when the sign goes in the yard until a buyer puts an offer on it, on average," says Sales.

After the Moreno family house was on the market for about 30 days they decided to enlist some help from some 12-foot skeletons. 

"I still want to bust out those skeletons and do something to put us on the market but not anybody else is doing and catches peoples' eye," says Moreno.

For only being up for about a week, these skeletons hold signs saying 'Great Home To Put Down Some Roots' and 'Home For Sale Its Got Good Bones.' These signs and skeletons have been catching the attention of people who pass the house.

"We’ve been sharing it to get the word out constantly," says Victoria Moreno.

This family is just hopeful that this spooky selling will catch the attention of the next buyers of this home. So that they can put down some new roots in their new home.

This home is listed on Zillow, if you are interested in looking at it. 

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