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Midland County Tax Collector's office pleased with efficiency of kiosk upgrade

Residents no longer have to stand in line with a kiosk and queue system.

MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas — Midland County's tax assessor-collector Karen Hood is pleased with how her office's upgraded kiosk and queue system is working.

The system has been in place for about three months and now affords residents the comfort of sitting down before being assisted by a clerk.

The system connects a kiosk located in the front of the tax collector's office to a queue board that calls residents to particular clerks when they're ready to be seen.

Residents are given tickets and then can sit in a row of chairs placed in front of the clerks desks.

"One of the things that I ran on for office was to provide better customer service here in our office and we've been able to do that," said Hood.

Hood says like with all change the queue system does catch some people off guard, but she believes after the trial period the overall feedback has been positive. 

"They may be frowning when they first come in but they're smiling when they leave because they realize nothing as far as the customer service has changed here, its still the same good service that we've always had," said Hood.

Hood says the main reasons residents visit the tax collector's office is to renew vehicle registration or to set up the title for a new vehicle. With the new system in place these visits usually only require about 10 to 20 minutes.

The functions and responsibilities of the Midland County Tax Office are numerous and complex, ranging from motor vehicle plates and registration to hotel occupancy taxes, beer and liquor license, and property tax collections.

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