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Midland Commissioners making plans for the county after getting water rights back

"If you're in the county and you want development out in the county, you've got to have water. No water, no development."

MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas — The Midland County Commissioners and the Fresh Water District Number 1 both agreed to make some changes when it comes to who the water falls under in the county.

"We decided a while back that the cities doing some changing with their relationship with the fresh water district and we were looking at what we can do to get water to the citizens of Midland County and we thought it was in our best interest, the citizens' best interest to take the water rights that we have under the name of the midland fresh water district and get them back under out possession,"  said Judge Terry Johnson. 

Both parties made an agreement and are just waiting for it to be finalized, but this is only part of getting water out to people of the county.

"If you're in the county and you want development out in the county, you've got to have water. No water, no development," said Judge Johnson.

This agreement is particularly relevant in certain areas like Greenwood.

"Your property values are based on if you've got water or not so living without it is hard. I've done it out there, I lived there 15 years on a half gallon a minute well and it's just tough to do," said Johnson.

The county is working to get the water out there as a solution, but not a requirement.

"We want to get water out there if folks want it to be able to get to it, or if they want to use their water wells and what they've been doing that's fine too. It's not going to be shoved down anybody's throat, we just want to make it available to those that need it," said Johnson.

The county is also trying to get cleaner water to people in certain areas.

"One of the things is south of the Horseshoe in southern Midland County we've got pollution, that plume of water that is underground that was done decades ago, so those folks literally have to haul drinking water and can't use any water coming out of the ground," said Johnson.

With Midland County growing, water is important for the future. 

"We've got folks moving here from all over the country and trying to expand out into the county. This will help with that, help regulate how we do things," said Johnson.

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