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Midland County forms a spaceport corporation

The previous spaceport corporation was disbanded in 2020 due to a lack of funding.

MIDLAND, Texas — The Midland County Commissioners took a big step recently in trying to reestablish a spaceport corporation.

This would help bring in new funding for the Midland Spaceport.

"If we have grants that can come in and provide more economic development, I think it would be beneficial to the city," said Robin Donnelly of the Midland County Commissioners Court. "In order for us to carry forward and improve our situation at the airport and the spaceport, we created this so that we could get the funding. It's required by the Governor's Office that you have this because it is created under Texas Law in a certain section of the code."

The county wants to be prepared when more spaceport funding becomes available in a year. There has already been $1 million invested in an engine testing area near runway 16, which is right at thee airport.

"It is one of the fastest and we are right in the middle of it," Donnelly said. "We have Blue Origin, we've got SpaceX, we've got several others, and we're the only spaceport with a part 35 airport connected to it. So, we have a lot of people looking at us, and they come in here to go to Van Horn and to look at other things so I think it's going to be beneficial."

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