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Midland county helping families foot the bill of septic tank flushings

The county says they'll cover up to 2,000 gallons of waste pumped per property.

MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas — A new program from Midland county is pumping the Garcia family's biggest problems out.

Emergency management has been sweeping areas affected by flooding, going door to door signing people up this week.

They visited the Garcia's Wednesday.

"They were asking me if my septic tank was full from the flood and well actually I had to call my dad because I didn't really know, but they told me that if we were to ever check our septic tanks, also our neighbors, if it happened to be full that just give them a call and that they would empty it out because they said the county would be paying for all of it," Blanca Garcia, flooding victim said.

Turns out, it is flooded and needs fixing. Same with the Garcia's neighbors.

"I feel very proud of the county for doing that for us ... I think that was the worst flooding I think we've ever gotten here," Garcia said.

The Garcias live in south Midland county, one of the hardest hit areas from last month's storms. Several inches of water stood in and around people's homes for days.

The water receded and the land for the most part is now dry. The work to clean up continues.

"It's not just to think about the people that are inside the city, but also outside the city, giving the great opportunity to help them out too," Garcia said.