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Midland County Commissioners approve Fairview Cemetery upgrades

The cemetery will get a completely new irrigation system. Other landscaping on the grounds will also be done.

MIDLAND, Texas — Some big improvements are coming to the Fairview Cemetery in Midland, and on Monday, the Midland County Commissioners Court took the first step.

"We agreed on getting the irrigation put in place," said Midland County Judge Terry Johnson.

The new water irrigation system won't be cheap, totaling around $400,000, but it is something that needs to be done.

"We have an old system that's in place, it has never been updated, so this will give us a new efficient water system," said Eddie Melendez, Midland County facilities director.

At the last meeting, people who work with the cemetery and citizens from the county addressed the court about a need for change.

"We want to start planning, we want to start going, we definitely want to have it in place by the growing season next year," said Johnson.

The irrigation system won't be the only improvement, but it will lay the foundation for other improvements.

"We have other things we need to deal with, and that is laying out the existing road system," said Johnson. "We've also got trees we want to replace, we got trees we want to add."