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Midland College Pre-K academy to open in August

The academy is expanding to accommodate 300 children ages three and four.

MIDLAND, Texas — The new Pre-K academy building at Midland College is expected to be finished in August of 2023 and will house a new Pre-K class along with teachers and those in training.

"We're going to be training teachers on the top floor and we're going to have a lab type situation on the bottom floor with our Pre-K campus so that our teachers that are going to be going through their certification process have an on-site lab school to come and learn from," said Leslie Goodrum, the Executive Director of Midland College Early Childhood Education and the Pre-K Academy. 

A one stop shop for teachers, parents and kids,

"I think it's going to be a state of the art facility where these young people who are wanting to pursue a career in teaching, they don't have to come to class, leave go to another elementary school, everything's right here," said Goodrum.

It's something that's needed in our community to help future generations thrive.

"We're going to provide a great program for our families here in Midland County, to be able to build a foundation so that their three and four-year-olds are getting prepared to be successful going to kindergarten," said Goodrum.

To teach you have to have patience, compassion and much more.

"Dependable. organized and the number one thing is flexible when you're teaching elementary students, whether they're three, whether they're four, five, six, seven, flexibility and dedication to wanting to help those kids grow is huge," said Goodrum.

If you want to teach or train to become a teacher, Midland College is the place to be.

Goodrum said, "As you drive by Midland College, drive by and continue to watch the progress because its moving quickly and its an exciting thing to watch."

If you would like to apply to be a teacher at the Pre-K academy or enroll in the program visit Midland College's website here.

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