MIDLAND, Texas — Midland City Council met Tuesday morning and approved a number of items ahead of the coming fiscal year beginning October 1, and ending September 30, 2020.

Among the items was a resolution authorizing the contract with Scheidt & Bachmann USA, Inc., in the amount of $2,277,382.00 for the Parking Access Revenue Control System Project at Midland International Air & Space Port.

The system will use an automated machine to mitigate parking and payments at the airport lots.

The Council also approved the budget for 2020 which sets aside $144 million from general and other revenues and unappropriated fund balance of the City of Midland.

The funds will be used for the maintenance and operation of the various departments and for various activities and improvements to the city; and ordering publication.

The Council approved an ordinance which fixes the Tax Levy, as well as a resolution ratifying the property tax revenue increase reflected in the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget.

The adjusted property tax rate will raise to 36 cents per $100 evaluation.

Also from the meeting, the Council decided water bills will be available online, no longer in person.

The City Manager approved the plans and specifications and advertise for bids for projects that will provide road, sidewalk, pedestrian ramp, and public utilities improvements at the following locations:

  • Thomason Drive, from Loop 250 to Wall Street
  • Garfield Street, from Michigan Avenue to Golf Course Road
  • A Street, from Indiana Avenue to Cuthbert Avenue
  • Tarleton Street, from Golf Course Road to Wadley Avenue
  • Anetta Drive, from Loop 250 to Midland Drive
  • Sinclair Avenue, from Loop 250 to Midland Drive
  • A Street, from Scharbauer Drive to Wadley Avenue
  • Whittle Way, from Sunshine Parkway to Wadley Avenue
  • Main Street, from Ohio Avenue to Wadley Avenue
  • Solomon Lane, from A Street to Big Spring Street
  • Sunglo Street, from Midkiff Road to Cotton Flat Road
  • New York Avenue, from Carver Street to Fairgrounds Road
  • Illinois Avenue, from N Street to A Street; said projects being years three, four and five bond projects.

Projects 3, 4, and 5 have been sent out for bids.

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