MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A Midland church is giving away a car to entice people into going to church on Easter Sunday. Elevate Church's lead pastor, Sheldon Riley, said the giveaway started with throwing out the idea in a church staff meeting, then mentioning it once in a sermon.

A church member donated a bright red 1986 Mercedes Benz convertible for the giveaway. The catch? You have to be present during Easter Sunday service.
"The car is just an extra tool that the community is getting excited about," said Carlos Rodriguez, children's pastor.
"It's just an incentive to get someone to come to church that maybe won't go to church on Easter," said Riley.
With Easter Sunday right around the corner, many wonder why the church is doing the giveaway. Sheldon said it's simple, they are looking for a way to bring people in hoping they might stick around.

"Our philosophy is to do anything we possibly can to win someone to the the Lord Jesus Christ. If it's giving a car away, a TV away or a bicycle away, then that's what we will do," said Riley.

The church usually sees about 800 people every Sunday, but this Sunday, they are expecting an even bigger turn out. Services will be held in Horseshoe Arena to accommodate the 2,000 people they're expecting.

"We are hoping that people come for the car and they end up, their lives are changed and they keep coming to church and they stay in church," said Jordan Riley, Worship Team Member.

Cards will be given to fill out personal information at Easter Sunday service at 10 a.m. The drawing will take place on April 1 at Elevate Church at 6 p.m. You have to be present at both events to win.