Midland Chef Meleka McGee may be on the verge of something great, but her journey to get there wasn't exactly smooth.

“God literally gave me a vision that I was going to help these people with their health and fitness and I was like yeah right! I’m about to eat these chips and watch these reality shows,” said McGee. 

A vision that soon became McGee's reality after a wake up call.

“February 8 of 2018, I went to bend over and get my shoe under my bed and I passed out. My stomach was so big, it cut my air supply off. It scared the living daylights out of me, said McGee."

She recalls weighing 260 pounds and countless struggles working against her, including an emotionally abusive boyfriend, prison and more.

“’Even though I was going through being homeless and having my daughter see me like that, go through that. I had to fulfill the purpose it wasn’t about me it wasn’t about my struggle. It’s about the tons of people out here that are working with heart disease and diabetes and obesity and I know how to help them," said McGee.

The Midland chef now creates her own low sodium seasoning, 'Flava' and food for the community.

“I do meal preps, I’m a caterer, I have my foil pack and my crab leg Fridays with potatoes, corn and a variety of chicken, shrimp and sausage. I make my own potato chips, I make my own pumpkin seeds, I make my own popcorn with my seasoning, I make ketchup, I make ranch," said McGee.

Chef Meleka promised herself to never limit what she can cook for the community with a have-it-your-way attitude.

“I feed my clients the same way I feed myself, I dropped over 70 pounds and have managed to keep it off," said McGee.

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