Midland Charter School Giving Students Personal Consultants
By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - When school starts on Monday, students at one local charter school will receive one-on-one help with their own personal consultants. Richard Milburn Academy in Midland is hoping the new program not only helps improve test scores but also encourages students to pursue a degree.

Richard Milburn Academy invested in the Student Success Program because they saw a lack of personal attention students receive from the traditional system.

Kim Blackketter, School Director at the Midland Facility, says this is a program where consultants can work one on one with students.

"The Student Success Academy is a program that's designed to pair students with college mentors. The college mentors are thoroughly trained before the program and they work with the students," Blackketter said.

Students will be able to communicate with their consultants via Skype, and all though they might not meet face to face, the consultant will be able to guide the student to a local place so they can find more resources.

"The college students don't actually solve the problems for the kids or help them solve the problems, but they put them in touch with the professionals that they need to see in order to solve these problems," Blackketter said.

Blackketter says every time a student uses Skype to talk to his/her consultant, there will be a teacher at all times to assure the safety of the student.

"The Skype sessions are recorded, they are viewed, they are looked at very closely to avoid any inappropriate contact and to make sure that it's all held at a very professional level. There is a certified teacher that is in the room when all this is going on," Blackketter said.

The Student Success Program will not only help mentoring students, it will also help them plan for future goals.