MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A native Midland resident is feeling the effects of the government shutdown.

Josh Thomas is in the process of opening up a brewery in Midland but needs a TTB license in order to both brew and sell their products on property. The problem Thomas is running into is the department that approves the TTB application, the Alcohol and Tobacco and Trade Bureau, is one of the departments that are closed due to lack of government funding.

Without the license, once open Thomas would only be able to sell alcohol on the premises, ‘Tall City Brewery’.

“If we are up and running and we do not have our TTB license we cannot sell our own beer, so we would be waiting on that to actually get our product out there and sell it.” Thomas said

The Alcohol and Tobacco and Trade Bureau’s website states that people will still be able to “access TTB’s eGovernment applications, including Permits Online, Formulas Online, and COLAs Online, during the shutdown period, but submissions will not be reviewed or approved until appropriations are enacted.”

That means until the department receives funding Thomas is just playing a waiting game.

“Patience. We have these ideas and we want them done as quickly as possible. As quickly as yesterday, but you mean, you've got to hurry up to wait… you file it and then you just wait. It's with the government so nothing really moves quickly" Thomas said.

Although the Alcohol and Tobacco and Trade Bureau’s website does not have a date listed for when they might resume business as usual, Thomas remains hopeful and says he has plans to open ‘Tall City Brewery’ no later than this summer