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5-year-old Midland boy battles brain tumor

Jacob Ringenbach had part of his tumor removed in late December, but he will continue to undergo radiation and chemotherapy.

MIDLAND, Texas — A Midland family's life has been turned upside down after their 5-year-old son was treated for a brain tumor less than a month ago.

Jacob Ringenbach is a normal five year old boy, he loves Nerf guns, his brother and sister, Jiu-Jitsu and riding his bike.

"I like to ride my bike, but I can't do that anymore," said Jacob.

Last month Jacob went to the hospital and his parents Rachel and Ryan Ringenbach got news no parent wants to hear.

"You literally don't expect it to be your kid, ever," said Rachel.

"They ran a bunch of scans and that's when they told her there was a mass located in the back of his brain," said Ryan.

Jacob had a tumor, a rare occurrence.   

"There's usually only 500 kids a year that have these types of tumors," said Rachel.

Most of the tumor was removed at the end of December, and the good news is the cancer hadn't spread.

"The spinal tap was negative for cancer cells, so it's not metastasized right now," said Rachel.

Although the removal went well and nothing has spread, there is still a long road ahead.

"We'll do radiation first, which will be six weeks, every day Monday through Friday for six weeks, and then chemo in Lubbock for 40 weeks, and then doing like physical therapy and occupational therapy during, and most likely he'll still have to do it after," said Rachel.

So right now, the Ringenbach family is asking for support and prayers.

"Lots of them, from everyone," said Rachel.

T-shirts are being sold as a fundraiser for the Ringenbach family.

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