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Midland balloon display brings joy to West Texans

"In Midland, we also have to heal not just from the virus, but from the oil situation as well," Cody Williams, Cody's Red Balloon owner said.

MIDLAND, Texas — West Texans are working to heal.

That's the message from one balloon artist and owner of Cody’s Red Balloon in Midland who decided to take part in a worldwide uplifting initiative.

This display isn't for a birthday party, it is not for a celebration, it is what nearly four hours of balloon work looks like.

"I’ve loved balloons all my life since I was a little kid. I would write notes to my parents in church asking for a helium tank this week and I would always get one," Cody Williams, Cody's Red Balloon owner said. 

It will take more than just helium to lift our spirits, but a desire to share a special message with our community.

Whether it's light or darkness, this giant rainbow of hope shines for all to see.  

Midlander Cody Williams wanted to be a part of something magical, sending a message of love and a time for West Texans to heal.

"With everything we’re going through, it’s just mentally and physically ... so depressing and with what balloon artists do, we bring so much life to your event and I wanted to bring life to the community in some way and it also helps me deal with what’s going on with losing all these events and no work. It’s just hard to deal with and it’s a great coping thing for everybody," Cody said. 

When it comes to how he put this display together, he said "That is a magical secret," Cody said. 

That magic, through a rainbow...a sign of peace. 

Something the world could use more of right now.

He knew exactly which word to pick…heal… because he knows how much it hits home. 

"In Midland, we also have to heal not just from the virus, but from the oil situation as well. That’s another heartbreak for us too because everyone’s so dependent upon the economy here as to how you’re going to thrive in every industry," Cody said. 

For the time being, when sadness rains down, Cody will keep turning to his balloons to do the uplifting.


Cody made a new display Sunday, March 29, 2020 and will have it up Tuesday, March 31, 2020 from 5 p.m. until 11 p.m.

He is also looking to put together a big display somewhere indoors the Friday or Saturday before Easter on April 12.

If you have any venue recommendations for him, you can contact him at cody@codysredballoon.com.