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Midland balloon artist puts up Christmas display to continue bringing joy to West Texans in 2020

Balloon artist, Cody Williams plans to round out the year with one final display on New Years Eve.

MIDLAND, Texas — When we think of Christmas, we think of lights, presents and family time, not quite balloons. 

It looks a lot like Santa's workshop inside.

Christmas colors, elves and a gingerbread house.

Cody Williams, a local balloon artist we've seen a lot of this year is back. This time with holiday cheer.

"I just want to continue it for the community because people will be driving around looking at lights and this will be something else they can come look at and hop out and take a few pictures in front of. It's cute and it's different and it'll make the kids real happy," Williams said.

His Christmas display, bringing Yuletide magic to West Texans, helping us focus on something other than the pandemic.

"It's affected everyone very differently and with my business, I thought what can I do to make everybody happy because balloons make people happy," Williams said.

This one took about 500 balloons and 5 hours, but Cody said it was certainly worth all the effort.

"I've received letters in the mail and emails and messages on Facebook just thanking me for everything," Williams said.

The display at 810 W. Kansas Avenue will be up all day today, December 25, 2020 and tomorrow if the weather allows.

Cody just asks that if you come up to take pictures, that you're mindful of other people there.

He's also planning a display for New Years Eve.