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Equipment failure at Midland airport causes long security lines Tuesday

Visitors to the Midland airport are seeing longer wait times due to TSA equipment failure.

MIDLAND, Texas — Tuesday morning the lines at the Midland International Air and Spaceport were really long due to a TSA equipment failure.

This failure caused wait times to go up and the airport recommended that people show up two hours before their time.

But even without equipment failure, the airport experience can already feel slow due to a number of factors.

The Deputy Director of Airports gave some tips on what the average traveler can do to cut down on some of that wait time in the airport and make the whole process smoother.

“So the best thing to do is honestly, like I said, get here at least two hours early. Give yourself that at least 'I’m going to take an hour in the security checkpoint line...' Take a look at the TSA's website. They have a very helpful guide about what you can and cannot put in your bags. When in doubt, check your bag. I know that does cost a little bit extra money but it does allow for more things to go through in your check bag than in your carry-on,” Aaron Easton, Deputy Director of Airports said.

Easton also says that when you're waiting in the security line, take off whatever articles of clothing you need to ahead of time, but do so closer to when it's your turn and not too far ahead of time.

When it comes to parking, that can be tricky especially during the holiday season when the number of people flying increases.

“The best thing you can do when you're coming here for parking as you're approaching the airport; we installed new inventory signs. They are set to refresh as fast as the system will allow. So that is the most up to date information you can possibly get so you can identify, 'Hey I really wanted to go to covered lot.' Well the covered lot shows full. So now you know you need to go to a different lot,” Easton said.

All of these tips will help make your experience at the airport better and get you to where you need to go faster.

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