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Mexican free-tailed bats migrating to Midland

Mexican free-tailed bats are making their way up and staying in Midland for the summer.

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - If you hear or see bats in Midland, they'll continue to show up over the next few months.

Michael Nickell, a museum scientist for the Sibley Nature Center said, "They are going to be here all summer long, come fall they will migrate back down south."

Nickell believes the bats traveling north to the Tall City are Mexican free-tailed bats coming from Mexico or Central America.

"Migratory paths have been established for thousands and thousands of years. This is just something that's engrained in their behavior," said Nickell.

The bats are harmless to humans and pets. They love their space to roost or sleep in places like under the bridge off the A Street exit on Loop 250 in Midland.

"Bats are some of the most beneficial animals in the world, given the fact that they eat tremendous numbers of insects and mosquitoes," said Nickell.

Little in size, the bats will look to hang around the Permian Basin for the next few months, no need to get batty if you see one.

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