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Memorial Day weekend travel in 2020 looks different because of COVID-19

The Midland Air and Space Port typically sees 30 flights out for Memorial Day weekend. This weekend they’re only seeing 10.

MIDLAND, Texas — Holidays like Memorial Day are perfect for road trips to the lake and seeing family.

Transportation professionals in West Texas are still expecting to see these traditions carry on this weekend, but some locals will be altering their holiday weekend plans to be mindful of the pandemic.

"Camping is something that you are still able to do and be socially distancing, but you can still go out and have adventures," Karyn LoPresti, Midland resident said.

"We expect families to start to venture out on a more local basis and then begin to implement road trips within a few hundred miles of their home before jumping into farther domestic and international travel," the Midland Chamber of Commerce said.

Some are opting to stay home for the holiday.

"We felt safer at home, so we’re just going to stay here and hang out by the pool and grill out since our apartment just reopened those amenities," Kort Suter, Midland resident said.

But with restrictions in Texas being progressively lifted, some think this will be the perfect time to get some fresh air, and will continue their Memorial Day weekend traditions as planned.

TxDOT roads will be open and big projects will come to a temporary halt as traffic is expected to increase regardless of the virus.

"We're really lucky in this district that our contractors work with us to pick things up around every major holiday," Gene Powell, TxDOT public information officer said.

But for the first time in 20 years, AAA didn’t issue a Memorial Day travel forecast because COVID-19 is changing its accuracy.

During this time, the Midland Air and Space port typically sees 30 flights out for Memorial Day weekend. Instead, they’re only seeing 10 flights this weekend.

Even though the change in travel is obvious, whether we’re leaving town or staying home, today is the day to honor those who gave their all to give us the freedoms we have today.

"I know we’re definitely indebted to those who serve and I know I’ll be forever grateful," Kort Stuer, Midland resident said.

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