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Meet the candidates: Midland City Council At-Large

Four candidates have announced that they plan to run for the city's two at-large seats in this upcoming election.
Credit: KWES

MIDLAND, Texas — So far, we know about six candidates planning to run for Midland City Council this year. The seats up for grabs include the two at-large seats as well as districts one and two.

Two of the candidates are incumbents. Scott Dufford represents district one, while Michael Trost occupies one of the at-large seats.

However, four other candidates plan to run at this time, and all four are vying for one of the at-large seats.

The first candidate is Ross Schumann. One of his big points involves getting the city council to start focusing on the people. This means figuring out what some of the common problems that the citizens of Midland are having and fixing them as quickly as possible.

He is also looking for ways to improve the city as a whole.

"Part of my platform is to bring things back to the people," Schumann said. "People want new infrastructure, new jobs, new industry, more things to do and more ways to be involved in the community. What I want is economic diversity, I want to bring new jobs to the city."

The second candidate is Dan Corrales. Corrales has run for city council in the past and believes that experience will help him in the upcoming election. 

Corrales has three core values which include God, family and country. He believes that there are certain problem areas in Midland that need to be addressed.

"We need to fix our roads," Corrales said. "Our roads are in bad shape, and we have to have a plan on how to do it. We need to improve our parks, and that means the ones we already have. The skate park over at Beal, the Reyes Mashburn, and yes there's the big ones like Hogan. And what we did with Centennial is great, but we also need to focus on public safety."

The third candidate running is Robin Poole, another candidate that has previously run for city council. She finished as a close second in the 2019 election, running for district three.

Poole has stated that one of her main concerns is getting the city of Midland to reflect the people that live here.

"I really feel like it's my responsibility as a mother, and part of serving my family is serving my community," Poole said. "To build off of that, I want the city to know that I want the quality of life here to match the quality of people."

The fourth and most recent candidate to announce that he will be running is Dustin Johnson

Johnson also believes that there are a lot of things that can be fixed here in Midland, including the parks. One thing that he believes could help him in the election is that he believes he represents a lot of the people here.

"Like a good amount of Midlanders, I'm not a business worker who's retired and has a lot of free time," Johnson said. "I have to work for what I got, and I feel like a lot of other Midlanders can relate to that. But I want to get out there and hear about the problems people have, and I want to be a voice for that."

To watch full interviews with every candidate, you can click on the link here. To watch a specific candidate's full interview, click the link attached to their name in the story.