MIDLAND, Texas — Are you locking your car doors? You should be if you live in Midland.

Police say in June that there were 111 car burglaries reported in Midland.

MPD says that those that were targeted were left *unlocked*.

In fact... 65% were left unlocked and 17% of them had a gun stolen from the car.

Officers are encouraging you to lock your doors, secure your firearms, and keep valuables out of sight, “This could be a very dangerous situation cause these firearms could be used in other burglaries or simple sells on the street.  So it is very important for you to take your firearm in with you at night and not leave it in your vehicle”, stated Sargent Michael Chandler with Midland Police Department.

In addition to locking your car doors, keeping your cars and property well-lit is another way to keep criminals away.