It started as a social media post for help.

"I had a buddy post on Facebook that they needed boats down there," said Josh Paul, a local man who used his boat to help rescue those displaced.

When Hurricane Harvey hit, Paul was there. Helping rescue people and animals in League City, Friendswood and Port Arthur.

"Just to get in there was quite challenging," said Paul.

Challenging and emotional especially seeing those who wanted to stay in their homes as the water rose.

"They didn't want out. There would be three feet of water at their front door and they just didn't want to come out. They had food and water. The power was still on amazingly," said Paul.

The pictures and videos tell the story.

"A guy that found us had run six miles to where the boats were putting in at. When we got in there, I believe it was his niece or his nephew that was trapped in an apartment, so we had to find a way through a canal to get in," said Paul.

For almost a week, Paul helped as many people as he could.

"Everybody you picked on the boat was so happy, so grateful to be there. Everybody was so happy that you had actually come and help them," said Paul.

His boat may have gotten a little dinged up. If you ask him, he'll tell you it was all worth it.