MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Stonegate Fellowship and Mid-Cities Community Church came together Friday night and partnered with Tim Tebow’s special needs Foundation to host a prom night they’ll never forget.

Youth Associate Director of Mid-Cities Community Church Obed Borrero explained, “So, ‘Night to Shine’ is a prom event sponsored by the Time Tebow Foundation and it’s really a night for those in the community with special needs. It’s a night to celebrate the, a night for them to feel like the Kings and Queens they are.”

Every guest of ‘Night to Shine’ entered the complimentary event on a red carpet complete with a welcome from a crowd and paparazzi.

Once inside, participants have access to hair and makeup stations, shoe shining areas, limousine rides, corsages and boutonnieres, a catered dinner, karaoke, prom favors, and a dance floor.

"At that moment I think that’s when they feel their most beautiful and they get to walk out of this room and be confident and go enjoy it without thinking about anything else, said Brylyn Rohrdanz, a makeup volunteer with Mid-Cities.

At the end of the night, each guest is crowned king and queen of the prom.

Administrative Assistant Ami Hedges of Stonegate Fellowship told NewsWest 9 how excited some of the participants were.

Tim Tebow’s special needs Foundation became active in 2015 and started with 44 churches participating in the Night to Shine prom event. Only four years later the foundation has gained 537 churches from 33 different denominations including 16 different countries.

“I am blown away by how we are seeing God use the Church to step into this space as an advocate for people with special needs. It’s not about my foundation or the churches themselves, but about communities coming together to love and celebrate people with differences,” said Tim Tebow.

“Every town, every village, every state, every country needs a Night to Shine for their special needs community – a chance to be a part of something significant and life-changing…and to be blessed in the process.”

“Well I’ve cried, I’ve cried. and I’ve just had a great time just to see how infectious they are and how they love you and they don’t even know you, but they genuinely love you and will have a conversation with you, will dance with you. They will do anything because they just feel the love back from you,” said Hedges.

For more information on Night to Shine visit: http://www.timtebowfoundation.org/index.php/night-to-shine/