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Local businesses still in need of workers this holiday season

Nahyeli Alvarado, manager at Rodeo Western, is one of many employers looking to hire more workers since business has been booming this holiday shopping season.

MIDLAND, Texas — Nahyeli Alvarado is the manager at locally-owned western clothing store, Rodeo Western. She's been working at the store for three years and noticed this holiday shopping season doesn't compare to the ones in the past.

"It's mainly our holiday season," said Alvarado. "It starts like basically Thanksgiving, since the month of November all the way to the end of December, we're pretty busy. And compared to last year we've been even more busy this year than we were last year. This Black Friday was probably the best since we've been here. It was hectic, yes from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., it was pretty crazy the whole time."

With more shoppers, some businesses are looking to add more staff to their team.

"We were at the point where we were good, but it was up until Black Friday I was like 'oh I think we need a couple more people,'" said Alvarado. "Even the whole week is busy, like usually will get inventory done throughout the week since we're slower, and on weekends we just mainly focus on customer service, but now it's starting to be like straight-up customer service all day every day."

The big problem local businesses and stores like this one are running into this holiday shopping season is finding much-needed workers.

"Since we are just like a locally owned business it's not, and then we have advertising people and stuff like that, so we kind of do it on our own part," said Alvarado. "But it's hard to keep up with like applications and stuff because we do them and I'm the manager and I also work here."

So as the holiday shopping hustle and bustle ceases to halt, she will continue to keep the 'now hiring' sign up, to make sure she has more than enough workers to help this holiday.