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Odessa boutique's ad rejected from Texasliving Magazine over 'We Back the Blue' sign

The ad that was originally submitted had a 'WE BACK THE BLUE' sign in one of the main images. The ad was deemed it to be too political for the September edition.

ODESSA, Texas — Texasliving magazine and a boutique in Odessa had planned to do business together until the ad that the local boutique sent in was rejected after the magazine deemed it to be too political. 

Inside of Wylea Brown's boutique, there's a large variety of items. 

"People don't really realize that we have a little bit of everything," said Brown. 

Brown has poured her heart and soul into her store, La Boutique Excentrique. You can see it in the merchandise. 

"I am married to a police officer, we do back the blue," said Brown. 

Inside of her store, there's back the blue merchandise that's available for purchase, and a portion of the proceeds are donated. 

When she submitted an ad for the Texasliving Magazine she never would've thought her ad fit for everyone wasn't actually fit for everyone. 

Credit: Original ad submitted

"In this overall picture is 'we back the blue' sign, again it's not zoomed in or anything so the email I received is that they can't run that ad because of the political background," said Brown describing the photo that was considered problematic in the ad. 

"I needed to know what she was describing as a political background because I didn't understand. I ended up calling her, I found her phone number and called her, and her exact words were the back the blue sign that was in the picture,"   said Brown.

The ad that was originally submitted had a "we back the blue" sign in one of the main images that was supposed to be published in the September edition of the magazine. 

Credit: Email from Texasliving to Odessa Boutique

A representative who works in Texasliving's art department told Brown they cannot have any political semblance printed in their magazine in an email with an alternative ad option attached, while also noting this isn't the first time they've turned away an ad.

Credit: Texasliving's suggested alternative ad

"There was never anything spelled out as far as what we could or couldn't do," said Brown.  

Texasliving Magazine's CEO, Mike Padgett, sent NewsWest 9 this full statement about the magazine's ad policy: 

Credit: Texasliving Statement

Brown says she understands the magazine has a right to pick and choose what they publish, but its also her right to pick and choose who she advertises with. 

"That's not something that we're willing to waiver on especially when it was never meant to be a political statement it's just who we are as a company and I'm not willing to take that out," said Brown. "We back the blue and that's not something we're going to back down."

Ultimately the two businesses decided to not work together.