MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Bars and bartenders in the Basin know about the "Angel Shot" trend on social media. They say it's one of the best way to make a clean break from a bad date.

Heather Weaver, Assistant Manager and bartender at the Blue Door in Midland said, "It's nice that if you are going to meet in a neutral place you have a way to let someone else know if there's ever an issue."

It's a shot that gets you out of trouble and lets your bartender know you need help. Weaver said the idea of ordering an angel shot helps men but especially women.

"It's always good to just let people have an open line of communication and easy way to let us know that they need help," said Weaver.

So what is an angel shot? First it's not a shot at all, it's code. Explained by Redbook Magazine in a video, a person can say they want to order an angel shot neat, that means the bartender will help you to your car. If a person orders an angel shot on the rocks that means the bartender will call a taxi or Uber. If a person orders an angel shot with lime, then the bartender will call the police.

Bartenders like Weaver and Raini Smith of Mix It Up in Odessa believe reading body language is key.

"If a male is won't let her speak for herself and she's acting nervous and fidgety," said Smith.

"If they're trying to turn away or get away and someone's encroaching on their space or if people get overly aggressive," said Weaver.

The magazine said the idea for the shot started overseas and is slowing being used nationally. Both Weaver and Smith added even though they have yet to serve an angel shot the bars they work always have plans in place if a situation comes up.

"Just keep an eye out for boisterous and loud people getting out of hand," said Smith.

"We have usually two or three bartenders behind the bar and two managers on staff so any given time there's eyes everywhere," said Weaver.

Weaver said bartenders are trained to spot abnormal behavior.