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Life without water: County residents struggle days after water main break

The county's biggest water main break in five years left everyone on the west side of West Loop 338 without water.

ODESSA, Texas — It's one of those things you don't realize how important it is until it's gone.

For thousands of people living in the Ector County Utilities District, it's day five without any water after a main water line broke Monday. 

Jessica Cortez and her family are one of the families that have been living without. 

"We can't do our basic hygiene, can't wash clothes, we can't wash our dishes.. anything without water," said Cortez. 

On top of that, Cortez is self-employed-she bakes and sells goods out of her home. Due to the lack of water however even that is on hold.

It was the county's biggest break in 5 years and it's left everyone on the west side of West Loop 338 without water. 

That's up to 20,000 homes in the same boat, forcing those people to go to extreme measures for everyday tasks.

"They're either going to stranger's houses to bathe their kids or truck stops and that just doesn't seem fair," said Cortez. "Its frustrating that we've gone a quarter of the month without water."

There's no relief in sight as it could still be another couple days before the repair is complete. 

As crews race to replace corroded pipe for those living in the county, patience is running dry.

The ECUD estimates repairs will be finished Saturday morning. The water main break impacts not only thousands of houses but also four ECISD schools.

Clarification: City of Odessa residents are not, and never have been... , impacted by this water main break. City of Odessa residents do not, and never have had to boil their water. This applies only to ECUD customers. January 2 - Crews continue to work on the main break.

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