MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Lamar Elementary has been an improvement required campus for four years, but after several tests and workshops, the school is confident they will be taken off of that list by the end of the academic school year.

“This week we found out that we were their top school in the district out of 27 schools that has had the most reading growth in K-2. So they looked from October till now and we were number one. So we were super excited,” said Principal Amy Clark.

A program, called Capturing Kids Heart, has been practiced every day at Lamar for over two years now, and faculty say it has done the trick.

Clark says, “when you have a child’s heart, then you have a child’s mind. So we feel like if we have a great relationship with them and they know that we care about them, they’re going to do better with learning and we’ve seen that. It’s really totally changed the campus in a positive way.”

The program focuses on teachers building relationships with students and creating a positive environment.

They practice this by starting the students day off with a handshake and warm greeting before they enter the classroom.

Once class starts, the first thing they do is share good news with their classmates and teacher.