MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - In an effort to keep up with the oil and gas industry, Kent Kwik announced they are raising the base salaries of their convenience store managers to $65,000 in Midland and Odessa. The stores are also offering the potential to earn over $100,000 after bonuses.

In addition, the company is offering a $6,000 signing bonus for managers and a $3,000 bonus for entry-level team members, paid out over 90 days.

Director of Corporate Communications Meredith Bright explained why the company cared so much about making this change.

“Our store managers work extremely hard for us and we wanted to do everything in our power to just try and help make their lives a little bit easier and a little bit less stressful,” said Bright. “Taking the money side of it off the plate helps them focus on their family, and their life, and really just building their career within our company.”

The company emphasizes that everyone involved in their mission is a team member and a part of the family, so it was great to support those who help Kent Kwik every day.

“They were just ecstatic, but most importantly, they were just super excited their hard work was recognized and we were thrilled we were able to do that for them.”