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9-year-old turns businesswoman from lemonade stand

Javiin Mitchell has been pouring up lemonade for many thirsty residents in her community.

MIDLAND, Texas — When life gives you lemons, you become a businesswoman. 

That's how the saying goes right? 

Apparently that's what 9-year-old Javiin Mitchell believes. She's created her own lemonade stand and already is a couple of sales from reaching her $1000 goal.

"I only need like a 100 more dollars to it, maybe a little bit more," said Mitchell

Surprisingly, she doesn't plan on keeping all the profit to herself.

"I donate to the church and for my future. My grandma always said when you're a Christian you should always donate to the church,” explained Mitchell

"Times are a little rough right now for everybody but there are so many kind-hearted people that stopped by," said Javiin's mother Charidy Macklin. "She plans on donating some and it’s just a lot of life lessons in a little simple lemonade stand."

The stand may be simple, but one of the flavors was unique. 

It was a pineapple lemonade and all I can say is, don't knock it until you try it.


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