MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - You'll see red barrels all over the Basin where you can drop off brand new children's toys or clothes.

As part of NewsWest 9 teaming up with the Salvation Army, the toy drive will make sure no child will be left out this Christmas.

"They all deserve a new toy," said Michelle Walker with the Salvation Army in Midland. "A lot of kids don't have that. To have something under the tree that they never expect, it's a great joy for them and we enjoy helping people out throughout the year."

Last year, the Midland Salvation Army helped around 400 families and they plan to hit that same number.

But some toys or items that are needed the most are newborn items like diapers, infant clothes, shoes, socks and baby wipes. Since the Salvation Army gets plenty of toys, it's the items for the big kids that are also needed since they tend to run out the fastest.

"The older kids are a little harder to buy for, because they get out of the toys, but like electronics or games, watches," said Walker. "The girls want curling irons, make-up and things like that so those are the kinds of things we look for."

With the Salvation Army's Angel Tree at the mall, they have about 1,200 angels that need to be adopted. But not all of them do, which is why a toy donation will not only fill those angels, but it'll give a child that Christmas wish.

The Salvation Army has also come up with a new way you can donate to their programs for Giving Tuesday. You can text RINGING to 91-999.

For more information on the NewsWest 9-Salvation Army Toy Drive, including where you can drop off your donations, visit http://www.newswest9.com/toydrive.