MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Suzanne Cearley says there are no confirmed cases of measles in this area, but also offered some clarification on how the confusion may have started.

She says one contributing factor to the rumor is parent's self-diagnosing their kids.

"Stop looking at Dr. Google!" said Cearley.

There are many illnesses that can present themselves with rashes like hand foot and mouth disease, strep throat, or even the flu so without proper training, it can be difficult to properly diagnose.

"A lot of the rashes that we deal with, with the illnesses with kids, present in certain areas. So, you have to have the background knowledge of where the rash is most likely to present. Is it just on the face? So you kind of have to be able to have that knowledge to be able to diagnose that," said Cearley

For parents who may see a rash on their child and find themselves worried, Cearley has some advice.

"If your child has a rash and a fever... I would say visit your primary care physician to get measles ruled out and if you truly believe that your child has the measles and they haven't been immunized against it, then they need to wear a mask..." she said.

The pediatric nurse practitioner says she has recently seen more patients at her clinic choose to not vaccinate themselves or their children.

She strongly believes that getting vaccinated is the only way to keep illnesses like the measles out of our area.