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Interstate 14 expansion signed into law

The interstate will stretch from Midland-Odessa to Augusta, Georgia.

MIDLAND, Texas — Interstate 14's extension is now on the last leg of work to become a reality.

The interstate coming to West Texas first became a possibility in 2016 after MOTRAN began working with local and congressional leaders on the idea for a road that would stretch across five states.

I-14 had previously covered half of the state of Texas. Now the road will run from Midland-Odessa to Augusta, Georgia.

The United States Senate approved an amendment concerning the road back in August 2021, and the House passed it in early November before it was officially signed into law.

According to MOTRAN, the interstate will make it easier to transport natural gas to the Gulf Coast and European markets.

Politicians like former congressman Mike Conaway and Senator Ted Cruz have been major advocates of the bill since it was first proposed.