By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING: There's controversy at the Howard County Humane Society. The entire board of directors called it quits. But thankfully, a local organization has stepped up to help the animals and reopen the shelter.

"It's been a lot of cleaning and a lot of late nights but it's on its way to be something that it was intended to be," said, volunteer, Kristin Partee.

Partee said it's been a lot of work since the unexpected change in management. We're told the former board of directors all resigned last month leaving behind over 100 dogs and 50 cats. Yellow Rose Animal Rescue stepped in to take care of the animals.

Partee said even though it was a rough transition, the animals never went a day without food or water. Thanks to volunteers, there's been a lot of positive change.

"We've been able to do a lot of cleaning and organizing. All of the dogs now have blankets and toys and are interacted with everyday," said Partee.

It's unclear what exactly happened for all of the former board members to resign and walk out all at once. Verna Finkenbinder, the former President of the Howard County Humane Society, declined an interview but sent NewsWest 9 this statement: "An orderly transfer of management at the Howard County Humane Society was conducted on April 24, 2015. At no time were the animals unattended or unfed. Any rumors to the contrary are totally unfounded and untrue."

One thing is clear though, the future of the Humane Society seems bright and Partee just wants everyone to know that the doors are still open.

"The people that were here and that were in place for these dogs had a responsibility to them and we've stepped in to do it, and the community has stepped in to do it," said Partee.