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How USPS mail carriers work in the winter weather

"We’re always wearing double layer(s), we have snow pants," Emily Tejada, Odessa mail carrier said.

ODESSA, Texas — Mail carriers start their day at the post office, like normal. 

But for them, snow, ice and cold temperatures don't mean delays or cancelled shifts. 

Instead, this winter weather means they have to prepare.

"We have to get the mail delivered regardless," Emily Tejada, Odessa mail carrier said.

"The ice and snow doesn't change our routes. We still have to make sure that we're getting that mail delivered. Our customers really depend on us," Tejada said.

"I don't know if ya'll can hear that banging. Somebody's still trying to open their door. Maybe about 15 minutes already," Tejada said.

It's just another shift for Odessa mail carrier Emily Tejada, even when everyone else has a snow day.

"When it's cold outside, we have to really bundle up," Tejada said. 

She and other mail carriers are seasoned, no matter the season. They know this time of year is all about layers.

"We're always wearing double layer(s), we have snow pants," Tejada said.

A quick check around their trucks, before setting off on her 7:30 a.m. shift, Tejada must defrost the windshield, scrape off any ice and make sure all doors can open.

"When we're loading up our packages because we're near our vehicles, we can turn them on and leave them running for just a little bit, enough to get the windshield thawed out," Tejada said.

Like any job, you learn the ins and outs and most importantly, you make it work.

For Tejada and other mail carriers, neither snow nor rain will keep them from carrying their mail load.

"Every day that I come in, I make sure I do my job, I don't worry about anything else. Everything else is left at the door and I come in, deliver that mail so I can get back home to my family," Tejada said.

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