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How to keep your pets safe this Halloween

The ASPCA wants you to follow tips like: making sure costumes aren't too tight, put candy out of their out reach, and having identification on their collar.
Credit: KWES

TEXAS, USA — Halloween can be a fun and spooky night for us, but sometimes for our furry friends it can be a scary time. 

This year shoppers will spend $680,000,000 on pet costumes so buy the appropriate ones.

According to the ASPCA, make sure they have on a costume that doesn't restrict their movement. Also make sure there's nothing loose they could possibly choke on. 

It is best to maybe prepare your pet ahead of time, so show them your costume ahead of time. 

"If you are going to be wearing a scary costume, what I like to do is to dress up before Halloween, let my dog see me and smell me recognize it is just me and give them lots of treats to let them know when they see a scary mask--it's a great thing. It's not a scary thing it's something to be celebrated," says Megan Decker.

If your pet has a collar, make sure it is on them with the proper identification. So if they run out or runaway from being scared, they will have the correct contact information on them. 

Once the night is over and the candy bags are dumped out, keep a close eye on your furry friends to make sure they aren't eating anything they shouldn't be eaten.