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How local school districts are addressing the 'COVID-slide'

"We're good at helping kids catch up on academics," Lisa Goodnow, MISD chief academic officer said.

MIDLAND, Texas — Since March, schools have had to make a lot of adjustments. 

But, the goal is the same as it's always been: To make sure their students grow academically.

It'll just be slightly more challenging since they've been out of school buildings for 6 months instead of 3.

"Certainly we know our students are going to come back having had a very unusual, to say the least, experience," Lisa Goodnow, MISD chief academic officer said.

But all they can do from here is move forward.

"Wherever a student comes back to us is where they're coming back. It's not necessarily behind. It's taking a student where they are, really pinpointing the specific skills or concepts and knowledge gaps that they might need in order to succeed at whatever the next learning level is," Goodnow said.

MISD is pinpointing these gaps with a diagnostic test when students get back to school.

ECISD is using the same kind of test to measure academic growth between scheduled testing events.

And teachers at ECISD will help identify subjects that need to be retaught from last year's curriculum.

"We're going to progress monitor daily," Goodnow said.

And most importantly, these schools are just excited to have students back and learning - in whatever form that might be.