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Houston company brings 5G network to oil, gas companies

"The 5G hotspots will be faster, more reliable ... they will ... have a further geographic reach," says CrownQuest's I.T. Manager.

MIDLAND, Texas — Houston based Infrastructure Networks is bringing ultra-high-speed 5G technology to oil and gas companies in the Permian Basin.

Jake Baccus, assistant controller and information technology manager of CrownQuest, believes 5G will bring specific and direct benefits to their company.

Since most of CrownQuest's work is done out in the field, Bacuss is thinking big 5G big.

He explains how this technology will bring faster and more reliable networks that can reach further than anything else on the market. 

"It's absolutely advantageous", Baccus says. "We at CrownQuest obviously are very dependent upon wireless broadband networks because so much of our work is done in remote places actually, out in the field. Our employees and our assets are both out there".

CrownQuest's field engineers, lease operators, and other remotely located employees currently depend heavily on a not so reliable LTE, 4G network and hotspots. 

Their job requires them to access email, key software, reports, and data. Workers can run into problems with technology not functioning properly.

"We run into issues all the time with technology barriers and just you know we can only do so much because we're waiting on our technology. That should also improve over time", says Baccus.

With 5G all that can be improved.

One of the biggest advantages for oil and gas companies is that the new 5G network means no downtime with communication.

Their SCADA systems feeding near-live data will now feed true live data, this will allow employees to review their data in real-time.

The reliability of the network will allow for critical alerts reaching from remote locations to company headquarters in an instant. 

"That allows us to install things like tank alarms you know that maybe we would not have been able to otherwise. Tank alarms obviously help mitigate the risk of environmental issues. Ya know they would alert our staff if a tank volume exceeded a preset threshold, " Baccus says. 

Baccus adds, "because so many people benefit from a network like this, the cost can be spread over a very large number of people and so the direct impact to CrownQuest, we do not expect to be anything noteworthy."

This wireless data service company won't be lighting up the entire network with 5G. Instead, they'll be focusing on areas with the highest levels of oil and gas activity.

If this company's plan works out the way they want it they'll be servicing nearly 400 drilling rigs across the Permian Basin.

Overall, it is a wireless win.