MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Having a meal has been hard to come by for many families in West Texas and with so many to feed the West Texas Food Bank says they are struggling to keep up, especially for children. Help came to the organization in the form of a donation from an oil and gas company.

Tina Corbett, Director of Development for the West Texas Food Bank, said "It's been a tough year. We are in the business of making sure everyone has access to food."

For an organization that said due to the downturn in the economy, feeding families has been especially hard, relief came in the form of a donation of $36,000 dollars on Thursday. Corbett said the money will help them tremendously as they continue to provide food for families especially for the 25,000 children the organization added are still in need.

"We're expecting these kids to be going to school. We need to feed them. We need to make sure they are getting the type of nutritional food that is necessary for their growing bodies," said Corbett.

The Houston based oil company, Flotek presented the check to the food bank and their Vice President of Sales and Business Development Bob Stroupe said helping families and children falls under the company's "new purpose."

"We wanted to be more than just a company that's setting goals and objectives with just money," said Stroupe.

The West Texas Food Bank said one dollar buys a family three meals. After Thursday's donation, the pantry looks to get a little bigger.

"When you see the gleam in their eye it kind of makes your heart a little soft," said Stroupe.

Stroupe said they plan on donating again to the food bank in September.