MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland Police Officer Nathan Heidelberg was responding to a panic alarm when officials say he was shot by the homeowner, David Wilson, who mistook him for an intruder.

Home security systems are designed to protect your valued goods.

“Typically, in a home setting, you have door and window contact, so if the door or window open it will activate the system," said Jason Cowin, owner of Affordable Security Systems. "You have glass break or shot sensors. If somebody attempts to break a window or does break a window, it will activate a sensor and you have motion detectors once there’s movement and it will take movement inside the residence or business.”

Cowin explained the process of how the system responds in the event of an emergency.

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“If an alarm or signal is received, an alarm is received to the monitoring station,” said Cowin. "The monitoring station attempts to call key carriers. They attempt the first person and if that person doesn’t answer the phone, we typically dispatch law enforcement and then continue down that list of key carriers until we get somebody on the phone.”

From there, a police officer will check on the property, but their presence isn’t always wanted by homeowners.

“We have some customers, that, they don’t want law enforcement sent unless someone on the key carrier list authorizes that,” said Cowin.

Companies like Affordable Security Systems offer their clients multiple ways to stay safe.