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Hobbs city commissioners vote unanimously to approve ordinance on abortion clinics

The ordinance simply updated policies to include federal law regarding the ability to open an abortion clinic in the city.

HOBBS, N.M. — The Hobbs city commissioners unanimously approved an ordinance regarding abortion clinics last week.

Public support from the community was very strong regarding this ordinance, and that was a key reason for why it was passed.

The ordinance does not prevent abortion clinics from opening in Hobbs, but its updated policies will force these businesses to comply with existing federal law.

Abortion is a topic that continues to draw attention, and in Hobbs, the decision made last week simply added federal legislation to its business registry process.

"This is really not a pro-life or pro-choice issue with us," said Sam Cobb, Mayor of Hobbs. "It is a response to our community, our constituency, that we outline what a business entity that proposes to do that can do in our community.”

With the ordinance and updated policies making the process somewhat exhaustive, any abortion clinic might have increased challenges to deal with in trying to open up.

“I think, probably, the federal laws do have some language regarding interstate commerce and some of those types of things," said Cobb. "So I would think, probably, that if they were engaged in interstate commerce in this purchase of drugs related to some of those activities, that might create a barrier to them.”

According to Cobb, Hobbs should not be labeled as a sanctuary city.

“The City of Hobbs has not adopted any policies that denote it as a sanctuary city," said Cobb. "The only policies we’ve adopted are the policies related to the operation of a clinic that’s involved in various activities related to reproduction, women’s health, those types of things.”

The public support from the community of Hobbs stems from concern that Texas abortion clinics that have closed might move there. However, these clinics can still open in the city of Hobbs as long as they comply with the guidelines to receive a business license.

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