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High schoolers at Trinity School of Midland learning about the art of glass blowing

“I like glass blowing. We did it half way through the year and I liked it a lot. It’s always hot but it’s a lot of fun,” said one sophomore at Trinity.

MIDLAND, Texas — While most Texans are staying in to keep cool from the heat, two students at the Trinity School Alan Villalobos and Adam Garcia, are choosing to do the opposite. 

“I like glass blowing. We did it half way through the year and I liked it a lot it’s always hot but it’s a lot of fun,” said Villalobos.

Thanks to their teacher, Paige Gates, these sophomores get to help artist Bob Rynearson make some glass art. 

"This is all community outreach. I don’t have a class in glass blowing so they just come and volunteer their time and get to be apart of the community, get to learn about glass blowing and learn about the art and learn about the glass artist as they come out and volunteer their time," said Gates. 

Through a grant, she was able to get a mobile glass blowing unit for students to learn about this art form. 

"These two boys are some of them that showed just a huge interest. Every time I ask they show up to help," Gates said. 

"I’ve learned that I like more hands-on art a lot more. It’s more interesting to be right in it," Villalobos said. 

"Watching it go from the liquid inside of there to a bowl that he just made. It’s pretty cool," Garcia said. 

Rynearson says how big of an impact this art can have on these boys at such an early age. 

"I think if I would have seen it when I was in middle school, high school, it would have made a huge impact on my path but who knows. I think it’s really cool to be exposed to as many things as you can be exposed to, especially this type of stuff you don’t really see it too often," Rynearson said. 

In this blazing West Texas heat, Alan and Adam don't mind standing around even hotter temperatures if it means they can do some glass blowing. 

"I like watching it mold into what ever you’re making it into, it's cool," says Villalobos.