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Healthy Minds shares helpful mental health habits, virtual events happening for World Mental Health Day

"Our role within the community is to help look around the community, see what's already being done (and) leverage those resources," Elaine Bedell said.

MIDLAND, Texas — Opening the door and acknowledging the importance of mental health is the first step to having good mental health.

As we approach World Mental Health Day, it's important that we check in on how we're doing amidst this crazy year.  

"For the Permian Basin obviously, everyone is well aware that not only are we dealing with the impact of COVID, but we're also dealing with the impact of the economic downturn," said Elaine Bedell, executive director of Healthy Minds. 

Health professionals say research shows that when there's been a traumatic event, there's usually a 2-3 % increase in those seeking help.

Our community is noticing that need.  

"Initially we saw that there was actually a decrease in utilization of crisis services such as the Permia Care crisis line and the centers enrollment, centers in Samaritan counseling services; however those have picked back up now," Bedell said. 

Basin MD is a great resource for you, and so is the Healthy Minds website.  

Each resource recommends practicing mental health habits.  

It can be as simple as writing down a few things you're thankful for every morning or scheduling weekly meetings with a counselor.  

"Everything we do is impacted by our mental health and we want to make sure that we have a strong mental health in order to have a strong, thriving community that is resilient and able to take these issues and turn them into growth and productivity and something positive for our community," Bedell said. 


For World Mental Health Day, Healthy Minds is promoting a virtual conference hosted by Stonegate Fellowship Church on October 17, 2020. 

It's free admission and focuses on how first responders and veterans can navigate mental health and PTSD. 

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