MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A local non-profit has partnered with an addiction treatment center in Midland to better serve the community.

The Springboard Center is an addiction treatment center that serves the Permian Basin by providing treatment for adults struggling with alcohol and drugs.

The center noticed a common obstacle many faced when trying to admit themselves into their facility was lack of care for their animals during their stays.

That is when Haley Wilkey, owner of the local non-profit Haley’s Haven, stepped in to help provide care for the animals during the pet owners’ stay at the facility.

“You know, it’s like, there are so many people that need treatment, that have so many barriers to treatment. And it’s like, the more barriers that we can reduce on our end to help these people successfully transition to sobriety, it not only helps them, it also helps the community,” said Zach Nueser, director of admissions. “You know because we’re changing people’s lives. Haley’s Haven has been and will be a huge part of that.”

While this is a new program, Haley’s Haven has already taken in four dogs for three different clients receiving treatment.

The Springboard Center offers various methods of treatment but the typical residential program is 30 days long.

Although, Haley is currently housing one client’s dog for an extended period while they receive extra treatment they felt they needed to ensure a long walk with sobriety.

Each day Wilkey makes sure the dogs are fed, walked and cared for in any other way she feels the dogs need.

Each dog gets playtime daily and are placed around the property based on their friendliness with other animals, and humans.

In addition to dogs that Wilkey houses for clients from the Springboard, she also fosters stray animals.

“I’ve known some really good people who have fought with the ‘demon’ of addiction. Some beat it, and some still struggle. And if I am able to say that I helped someone, in some way, to overcome their struggles then I am honored and happy…,” said Haley Wilkey.

When a client finishes treatment, they get their pet back from ‘Haley’s Haven’… no questions asked.